9 Reasons of Why Keyword Research Is Important In 2021!

While Google keeps on rolling out its algorithm updates, one thing that has remained consistent for digital marketers to optimize a website is “keyword research”. As the need to conduct keyword research remains the same to win search engine results.

 But, how to do keyword research has changed every time with its algorithm updates.

 No, I don’t have the best keyword research tools to sell you. Although I’m interested to make you understand the importance of keyword research to win at search engines.

In the following write-up, we will share ample reasons why keyword research is still important to attain success. Keep on reading with us as we’ve also shared one more reason to attain good measures. Before further detailing the importance of keyword research, let’s first answer one of the most important questions searched over the internet –

What Is Keyword Research?

A keyword research is an advanced process of searching and analyzing search terms that people enter into popular search engines with a specific objective to avail it. This data is mainly used in search engine optimization and general marketing. This advanced process can also reveal queries to target, attain rankings in search results, and more.

This researching procedure also provides valuable insight into the queries, which your prospective audience is searching on popular search engines. The collected insights can assist you to pick an exact content strategy and your unique marketing strategies as well. Nevertheless, keywords aren’t as important as search engine optimization, although it’s an inseparable part.

Why Keyword Research Is Important For SEO In 2021?

The importance of the keyword research process can assist you to come up with a list of targeted terms. And so, you can establish and execute a strong strategy required to meet your search terms.

Here are some major reasons to emphasize upon keyword research to win at search engine results –

  • Topical Niche Domination

In order to clearly understand a subject, performing keyword research is majorly recommended. If you are interested in writing a comprehensive article or a series of articles, proper keyword research will show you every probable shade of information, which most audience wants to read. Not only keyword research offers you the efficiency to write about your products and services, and also provides ample ammunition to all your other content.

  • Answering Majorly Searched Questions

Part of dominating topical subjects is answering questions, which your competitors already attempted. These are several websites, where people ask common questions to get exact answers, and social media is an ideal place to monitor. However, people are still interested in asking questions to search engines, which gives you an option to provide the right answers.

Due to low search volume, question-centric keyword phrases generally get ignored as we all want to earn profits. But don’t disregard these questions combine as it can be the structure of your content.

  • Develop More Robust Content

You’ve ample opportunities to improve the scope of your content using keyword research. Although you aren’t recommended to just include more keywords for rankings. Instead, you can use the right keywords to expand the depth of your content. Furthermore, keywords help to add new information to keep the blog trending.

You are also advised to constantly perform keyword research to update your content quality as searched keywords often experience changes.

  • Perform A Comprehensive Research On Your Products & Services

In case you are performing keyword research, you are suggested to search out all-time relevant keywords. To collect relevant information you need to wider your search with the purpose to expand your products and services robustly. This advanced process will also show you valuable new options to offer services and products, which you aren’t serving currently. That doesn’t indicate you can immediately start on, although can get yourself prepared to expand in years.

  • Improve Your Website’s Navigation

The process of keyword research is executed to improve your website’s navigation. Not only keywords are used to establish new pages of content, and also similar keywords become the link text for navigations. This is another smart step to explore and use your customer’s interests to meet their needs. Whenever a visitor reaches your official website, a navigator helps them to find their searched content.

  • Increase Your Website’s Click-Through From SERPs

As keyword optimization is all about creating unique content, it’s important to efficiently place your keywords and encourage your visitors to click from the search results to your website. This is when comes the need of ‘meta description’ and ‘title tags’ for blogs. Don’t just optimize your content to achieve search engine rankings as it isn’t suggested for the long term.

  • Better Understanding The Needs of Searcher

In addition to getting clicks into your pages, you also need to offer visitors their right match, which is only possible with keyword research. As keyword research is often considered as a process of uncovering phrases, and also it is a process of understanding your searchers. It’s often proven useful to conduct a search and evaluate the results.

Once you can comprehend what information a specific visitor is searching for, you’ve got an opportunity to redirect the searcher to the most relevant pages.

  • Establishing Outlook of Success

One of the most significant points is creating an effective online marketing strategy to set the right expectations. If you are aware of your outlooks, you can simply “win” at website marketing. Once you are armed with the above-mentioned keyword knowledge, you can set your own expectations and metrics to attain success.

Now that you’ve understood the importance of keywords research, it’s time to know –

How To Find The Right Keywords For Your Website?

Once you’ve got a comprehensive idea of keyword research, you need to refine your marketing strategies to score good ranks in search engine results. Here’s how –

Step 1: Understand 3 Major Factors (Relevance, Authority & Volume) To Select Most Searched Keywords

Step 2: Look For A Mix of Long-Tail & Head-Terms Keywords

Step 3: Check How Your Competitors Are Ranking For The Same Keywords

Step 4: Use Keyword Planner of Google To Cut Short Your Keyword List

The above-mentioned steps can also assist you to achieve ranks in search engine results and win at website marketing.

Let’s hope all your confusion about the value of keyword research is solved by now. By taking the time to invest in keyword research, you will get a list of keywords to optimize and ensure a successful website marketing campaign as well.

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Top 6 Reasons Why “Content Is King” For Every Business In 2021

In today’s digital world, unique content is required everywhere.

From video streaming apps to podcasts, social media posts, and augmented reality – content continues to evolve. And so, well-written content is increasingly acquiring its position in the most effective online marketing strategies. It has become a vital point in securing good ranks in search engine results and can retain more user engagement on your website.

The days of keyword stuffing and repetitive writing to meet a word count are over. Now the basic focus is on creating genuine and unique content, which offers entertainment, general information, and interest to readers. As of today, content isn’t just about images and text, as it includes videos, audios, surveys, infographics, podcasts, webinars, and anything sharable or relevant to reach your audience.

Content Is Still The “King” In Digital Marketing (2021)

That’s right! A Fully optimized content is an imperative thing for businesses these days. You will require well-written content and perfect content marketing strategies to share genuine information and ensure it is reachable to the right customer via online platforms. That’s what content marketing is all about and considered as “incredible” in online marketing.

Before discussing the importance of applying an effective content marketing strategy, you need to understand what content marketing is all about. To be specific, content marketing is an advanced marketing strategy, which offers your website greater visibility on various platforms through the publication of your niche content or influencer marketing to promote your products or services.

This is an important activity to practice whenever you’ve plans to enter an online platform to gain popularity and retain more customers to your website.

Now, let’s check out the importance of content marketing for the different types of business.

Why Your Business Need Great Content To Become Popular In 2021?

It isn’t just about earning social media shares – content is also about connecting with the right audience, offering valuable insights, and share authentic information.

Here’s why “content is king” and approaches to make it work in your company’s online marketing strategy –

    1. The Foundation For SEO

If you’ve posted original content on your website, you can create a positive impact on your online search engine results. You must aim to publish a keyword-specific write-up on your website, which contains internal links to other relevant articles. If you are often publishing unique content, you can create an authority to attract high-quality backlinks for the businesses.

    2. A Comprehensive Branding Tool

From visual search to podcasting and video streaming, informative publishing content is imperative to promote your company’s profile. Unique content is all about the truthfulness of branding. You must consider every piece of content as it’s primarily associated with your services or products. And so, you must ensure your well-written content is optimized with images, quality maintained, and create something original to share with your audience.

    3. A Cost-Effective & Scalable Digital Marketing Approach

In case your content marketing strategy isn’t working right, you must ensure to consult an expert to make necessary changes.

A  Fully optimized content is comparatively easy to audit and adjust according to suggestions, such as –
a. Shift To Distinct Formats
b. Try A New Content Marketing Strategy
c. Increase/ Decrease Your Budget As Per Business Requirements
d. Adjust Your Target Audiences

Hence, content marketing is comparative as a cost-effective marketing strategy, sustainable, and scale your success rates.

    4. Helps To Target The Right Audience

You can compose useful content without getting into the mind of your audiences, and stay popular on various online platforms. This is the easiest way to choose the right keywords, offer authentic information, answer several questions, and stay ahead of the latest trends.

If you can spread your visibility across several online platforms, you can easily reach out to the right audience and retain maximum customers in search of relevant services or products.

    5. Enables Your Brand To Offer Something Exceptional

If you are publishing comprehensive content, you can get unlimited value props to a wide range of services, products, and experiences offered to your prospective clients. A keyword-specific write-up also enables you to stand out from the competitors. It’s wise to study your competitor’s content and choose unique expertise, which can allow you to create innovative content to reach our more prospective audiences.

    6. Helps To Generate Leads For Your Business

Once you’ve selected the right content marketing strategy, you get options to exercise well-written content in a more practical technique for lead generation. And also, you can get indulge in pull marketing over push marketing with an exact content marketing strategy.

You also need to publish relevant and informative content to retain the maximum audience on various social media platforms. This practical approach will offer you getting plenty of supporters and improve your social media profile’s online reach as well.

It’s Time To Make Content The King of Your Digital Marketing Kingdom

There’s no uncertainty about when it comes to successful search engine results; content is still the king of digital marketing in 2021. Let’s hope you are ready to exercise the effectiveness of content marketing strategies after considering it as an affordable tool to develop leads for the business.

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How to Optimize our Landing Page for Better Conversion

Landing pages play a pivotal role in inbound marketing strategies. According to studies, businesses with at least 10 to 15 landing pages witness a steady rise in the total number of leads. However, all these pages must be appropriately optimized. A study found out that a landing page typically has a conversion rate of 3%. The study further added that landing pages could lead to a double-digit conversion if proper optimization techniques are applied.

In this blog, we have put together a 10-step guide to optimize the landing pages for a higher conversion rate. So, keep reading!

  • Understand the Campaign Goals

One of the biggest issues with most landing pages is that they lack focus on any specific goal or CTA. Often, a single landing page has multiple offers that often tend to confuse users and perplex them. The key is to understand the campaign’s goal and create landing pages focusing only on one offer or solution. This way, your prospects won’t get confused.

A great technique to generate leads through landing pages is to create a guide that talks about how your product will make a difference. Ask your prospects to download it by filling up a form with the requisite details.


  • Write Simple and Catchy Headlines

It’s evident that you just have just a few seconds to grab a visitor’s attention. So, your landing page needs to have a compelling headline. Create a headline that is short, straightforward, and portrays the exact message you want to convey to your prospects. This way, the chances of your prospects getting converted will be high.

  • Craft a Compelling Flow of Text

No one likes reading large chunks of texts unless they like what you’ve on offer from the outset. For a higher conversion rate, your landing page must be convincing. The flow of text must be compelling and the graphics must be convincing. And if you’ve multiple user types, build a landing page for each of them to drive traffic from different sources. Ensure to create each landing page with different contents. This will help you measure which landing page and traffic source would best fit your marketing goals.

  • Use Appropriate Images

The landing page’s content is of great importance as it helps portray the brand’s message and brings out necessary emotions to help prospective buyers make a buying decision. According to experts, it’s important that all images used in the landing pages, from the header image to those used within the page, are in sync with the text to make the message sound and appealing.

  • Use CTAs that Compel Users to Take Action

Using CTAs is the best technique to get users to take action. Though it seems just like any other button, it’s essential to get users to take action. Here are a few things that you must follow while designing a CTA button on your landing page –

  • Color – Ensure that the color of the CTA button is in contrast to the background. According to studies, orange, blue and green color CTA buttons work the best.
  • Size – Ensure that the button’s size is not so small that users have difficulty seeing it nor so big that the design looks odd. It should be in sync with the layout and page content
  • Message – The message is the most important part of the CTA. Try installing a sense of urgency or need for a particular product or service to improve conversion rate.


  • Highlight the Value Proposition

Let your customers know the unique things that your business has on offer to grab their attention. The value proposition should be something different from that of your competitors. Uber – the taxi aggregating app, has a great landing page with a unique value proposition.

  • Optimize Loading Time

You can spend hours creating a stunning landing page with appropriate images and content, but all your effort may go into vain if the loading time is high. It’s mandatory for your loading page to load within 3 to 5 seconds, else your users are likely to bounce off. To reduce your page loading time, use GT Metrix and Google Page Speed Insights and follow the necessary suggestion. You may also use Content Delivery Networks to reduce load time.

  • Optimize Your Form Fields

A landing page’s sole purpose is to capture a user’s contact detail, so it’s essential to place a form on the landing page. All your efforts will be useless if you don’t use a form. As a general rule of thumb, if you’re not targeting enterprises, just stick to asking your prospect’s email address.

You can also try using a multi-page form as it helps smoothen the transition of users to leads. The rationale behind this is that you ask the customers to take action without asking for any of their details, and once they feel connected, you can ask them to give their contact information.

  • A/B Test Your Landing Pages

Testing is a mandatory step for improving your landing page conversion rate. If tested properly and appropriate measures are taken, you may increase the conversion rate by up to 300%.

Proper A/B testing will let you test various landing page layouts and content based on your marketing/sales goal. Try A/B testing by segregating your audience, but adopting a dedicated tool that’ll let you analyze your results better.

  • Provide Extra Value on Your Confirmation/Thank You Page

If you’re asking for your prospect’s personal data on your landing page, then don’t forget to thank them for providing their valuable information. This could be a link to related content on your site, or anything related to your product(s)/ service(s) that your customers will find relevant.

So, here are 10 techniques that’ll help you optimize your landing pages. Let us know in the comment section if you’ve any more tricks up the sleeve. Also, don’t forget to share your feedback post implementing these tricks on your landing page.