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WordPress is a Content Management System that powers almost 34% of the total number of sites, according to a 2019 data. WordPress SEO plugins play a critical role in helping millions of webmasters optimise their websites and improve visibility across search engines.

There are several WordPress SEO plugins available (some are free, while others are paid), but choosing the best SEO SEO plugin for WordPress can be quite intriguing.

In this blog, we are going to highlight the best WordPress SEO plugins for 2020 to help you take the best decision. But first, let’s throw light on the crucial aspects you should consider when activating one.


  • Clean and Efficient Code – A useful SEO plugin must have a clean code, free of unnecessary CSS and JavaScript entities.


  • A Wide Range of SEO Features – The best SEO plugin for WordPress must have more than one feature. This includes but is not limited to Canonical Tags, 301 Redirect, and Sitemap generation.


  • Detailed Documentation – This helps the users understand how it works and the features it has.


  • Excellent Customer Support – A good SEO plugin must have 24/7 customer support along with a plugin support forum comprising dedicated users.


  • Regular Updates – Getting regular updates from the developer is absolutely necessary for you to make use of the latest WordPress features on offer.
  • Compatibility – It must be compatible with a range of other WordPress plugins.

Now that you know the characteristics of best WordPress SEO plugins for 2020, let’s discuss those that abide by these parameters –


  1. Rank Math – Rank-Math is the best free SEO plugin for WordPress 2020. It’s a complete package that comes with an on-page analysis tool, Google search console integration, 404 monitor, redirections module, a sitemap module, and keyword recommendations.

The hassle-free setup wizard makes it a popular choice among SEO enthusiasts      of all skill levels. The best part about this plugin is            that it does a detailed on-page SEO analysis of the posts and provides recommendations based on statistics for the focus keyword you want to rank on SERP.


  1. Yoast – Judging by the number of downloads, this is the most popular free WordPress SEO plugin. It comes with a host of features that make on-page optimisation an easy affair. Its ability to generate sitemaps and linking up the same with Google Webmaster for verification and content readability analysis make it one of the best plugins for SEO in WordPress.


  1. All In One SEO Pack – If you’re looking for a smart and efficient plugin that will help you to optimise your posts and pages, then the All In One SEO Pack can be a great choice! With this plugin, you can create XML Sitemaps, to ensure easy crawling and indexing of search engine bots.

It also supports accelerated mobile pages, making it an effective plugin even for mobile search optimisation. Additionally, it supports Google Analytics and helps the user keeps track of their inbound traffic.


  1. SEO Ultimate – SEO Ultimate is one of the best SEO plugins for WordPress free, in terms of optimisation package. The title tag rewriter and Meta Description editor feature allow users to edit title posts for improved on-page SEO.

Additionally, the deep link Juggernaut is anchor text driven internal linking feature that allows users to create deep links between related posts. The        only drawback is that it doesn’t offer support on WordPress forums. So, every time there is an issue, you need to fix it by updating it, which is sometimes tedious.


  1. The SEO Framework – SEO Framework is the best SEO plugin for WordPress free, providing automated SEO solutions. It allows users to optimise the contents on the site for enhanced value across search engines.

The best part about this plugin is that both amateurs and experts can seamlessly       use it. Some of its core features include creating a canonical URL to       prevent            duplicated content with full Domain Mapping, subdomain and HTTPS support   and also supporting custom posts such as bbPress and WooCommerce.


  1. SEO Squirrly – SEO Squirrly has been developed to help those who are not skilled in SEO. It allows users to create high-quality content that is friendly to both human and search engine bots. This again helps site owners improve the ranking of the site on SERP.

Best of all, it provides users with weekly statistics and reports of their website,           copyright-free images, and email alerts regarding the WordPress siteabout anything that requires immediate attention.

  1. All In One Schema.org Rich Snippets – All In One Schema.org Rich Snippets is a free WordPress plugin that generates a summary of a website’s page on SERP. It also shows star ratings, author photo, and an image along with other details.

The best part about this plugin is that it provides engaging snippets with images,    star ratings, price, and author descriptions, to make it easy for webmasters to outrank competitors.

  1. Smush Image Compression and Optimization – Smush Image Compression and Optimization is the best WordPress SEO plugins for 2020 for image compression. It is one of the few tested and proven image enhancement plugins for improving the speed and quality of a website. This plugin allows users to resize large images by setting a maximum width and height for web and post pages.

The plugin uses WPMU DEV’s super servers to reduce every image and remove     unnecessary data without affecting the loading speed of the site. Best of all, it                     reduces the size of the file without degrading its quality.

  1. Broken Link Checker – The Broken Link Checker is a trusted SEO plugin that analyses and detects broken links on a WordPress site. If it detects any, it notifies the user almost immediately.

Post installation, the plugin starts analysing the posts, bookmarks and all        other    contents on your site for links. Going forward, it checks the status of each link to         check whether it’sworking correctly. On successful completion, the plugin will            show the broken links in a separate tab on the WP admin panel in the            tools    category.

  1. Rankie – WordPress Rank Tracker – WordPress Rank Tracker is a premium SEO plugin that helps users check the rank of their website on given keywords across search engines. To be precise, it’ll help you closely follow the keyword position.

Additionally, it updates the keyword’s rank positions every day and creates a                      detailed report for the users. The best part about this plugin is that it combines              high-quality research tools and drafts a list of keywords that people are already    searching online.

  1. WordPress Ping Optimizer – WordPress has an in-built pinging mechanism whenever a new post is published. The ping services to be notified can be added to the settings section in the WordPress Dashboard.


The WordPress Ping Optimizer helps prevent a blog from being            marked as a     ping spammer. You may have noticed that WordPress blog pings every time you            click on “Save and Continue Editing or “Save” button. This plugin helps          prevent             those unwanted pings.


  1. W3 Total Cache – W3 Total Cache is a free and best WordPress SEO plugins for 2020 for improving user experience. The plugin works by enhancing the performance of the web server during high traffic hours. Additionally, it helps reduce the download time using Content Delivery Network and boosts ranking on SERP.

According to a study, W3 Total Cache considerably helps improve the site’s                      performance and conversion rates as a whole. Most importantly, it saves near                      about 80% of the bandwidth through minify and HTTP compression of HTML,             feeds, CSS and JavaScript.

  1. Redirection – Redirection is a free WordPress plugin that helps users handle 301 redirections, track 404 errors, and organises loose ends that are affecting a site’s visibility across search engines. This plugin also makes it easy for users while migrating pages from an old website to a new one, or changing the WordPress installation directory.
  2. WooCommerce – All in One SEO Pack – This WordPress plugin has been developed to act as an extension of the All in One SEO Pack Plugin. It plugin allows users to edit, add, and organise All in One SEO Pack Meta information.
  3. Glue for Yoast SEO & AMP – This is the best SEO SEO plugin for WordPress for incorporating Yoast SEO into AMP pages. In other words, it ensures that every webpage of a WordPress site has a valid AMP code and the meta-data is applied correctly. The plugin also has rudimental styling in the form of link styles and colours, which gives your AMP pages the same look and feel as that of your main pages.
  4. SEO Optimized Images – The SEO Optimized Images is the best WordPress SEO plugin for 2020 for adding SEO-friendly title attributes and alt attributes to all the images in a WordPress site. After installing and activating the plugin, a user needs to select a pattern, and the plugin will automatically switch the title tags and alt tags without modifying the database.

This means that if the users want their site to retain the initial look, all they have   to do is deactivate the plugin. Additionally, this plugin allows users to add image       name, post category, and post title in title and alt attributes of images.

  1. EWWW Image Optimizer – It’s the best SEO plugin for WordPress free when it comes to optimising images. The plugin helps site owners improve the page speed through image compression. And, it’s a proven fact that page speed is a determining ranking factor of all search engines.

Consequently, an increase in page speed improves conversion rate and reduces bandwidth and server storage space. EWWW Image Optimiser also allows users to            modify images that have been already uploaded and, in turn, converts them into a particular file format. The most exciting feature about this plugin is that it             automatically compresses all uploaded images, without degrading quality.

  1. Simple 301 Redirects – This plugin helps a user setup the 301 redirects from old pages to new pages and ensures link-juice from all inbound links are effortlessly passed along with the page rank.
  2. Google XML Sitemaps – This is the best free SEO plugin for WordPress 2020 when it comes to submitting a site for indexing. The plugin generates distinct sitemaps to help search engines such as Google, Yahoo,and Bing index a website.

These sitemaps also ease the task of web crawlers to see and understand the structure of a website and send back signals to the search algorithms. The most exciting feature of this plugin is that it sends notifications to search engines every time the user updates a post or uploads a new one.

  1. Pretty Link Lite – This is also a free WordPress SEO plugin that enables users to create pretty links, as well as cloak links automatically. A user can easily replace the links in their blogs with pretty links to improve the on-page SEO.

Additionally, it helps site owners track every hit on URLs and drafts a          comprehensive report on the origin of the hit, the host, and the corresponding                   browser.

  1. WP SEO HTML Sitemap – WP SEO HTML Sitemap is the best WordPress SEO plugins for 2020 for generating and submitting HTML sitemaps. The best part about this plugin is that it doesn’t require any corresponding plugin to work. It gives users overwrite, shortcode, prepend, and append options for posting on a sitemap page.

So, here was our list of 21 best WordPress SEO plugins for 2020. Let us know in the comment section the plugins that you are already using, or are planning to install for maximising your SEO efforts.

Best of luck for your SEO endeavours!

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