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We provide enterprise-grade coding of easy-to-use interfaces with high performance for iterative design improvements and upgrades. Our cutting-edge UX/UI upgrade is aimed at enabling low-cost maintenance of your digital business while attracting enhanced business opportunities.Experts at 1 Web Street have a find understanding of how interfaces drive experiences and create fascinating intuitive interfaces with complete functionality for web and mobile applications. Our creative endeavours help you define business success with happy repeat customers using them over the time.

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We understand that your business is unique. Our speciality lies in catering to customised UI/UX designs that can operate on cross platform applications and sites. Use of best open source and proprietary technology enhances each UI/UX upgrade we carry out bringing about disruptive business changes.Our development cycle includes creating custom icons and prototype designs that are converted into codes.

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Create user persona who will want to go to the gym when she or he hears that friends are going too. Such a person is likely to drop out very soon and one of the best solutions is a fitness app that allows the person to exercise at a pre-defined time of the day.A registered user can click and set the timing for exercising and the alarm will go off at the scheduled time for the person to wake up.

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The app shows a list of exercises where a user can search for one that she/he wants to do. Related word database ensure that the person is able to find it even if the search query does not fit the exact description given.

  • There is also the option for the app to record the exercise with a timer so that there is no risk of a burnout.
  • The user is able to change exercise only after the current exercise timer ticks. There is also an option for manually changing the selection and setting a new timer for it.
  • User also has the option to edit exercise recording, upload on to the app and challenge a friend to watch on her/his page!
  • The main dashboard has one two entry points for better UX, exercise pages are easy to find with a clear choice between log exercise and track exercise.

Our development cycle includes creating custom icons and prototype designs that are converted into codes.