Starter Plan 7,999

  • Good for small business
  • Up to 5 info screens
  • iPhone or Android (Any One)
  • Image Gallery
  • Services / Product Display
  • Custom design
  • Free 2 months support
  • Contact Information

Standard Plan 11,999

Best Value
  • Good for marketing
  • Up to 8 screens
  • iPhone or Android (Any One)
  • Image Gallery
  • Call to Phone Number
  • Services / Products Display
  • Easy to manage CMS
  • Push Notification Offers
  • Custom design
  • Free 3 months support

Gold Plan 18,999

  • Ultimate solution
  • Up to 10 screens
  • iPhone & Android (Both Apps)
  • Image Gallery
  • Call to Phone Number
  • Services / Products Display
  • Easy to manage CMS
  • Push Notification Offers
  • Custom design
  • Free 4 months support
  • Free 1-page Marketing Website

Mobile App Development Flow

Efficient and effective agile method analyzes the project, frames the parts, designs and develops powerful and feature-rich mobile apps. Each app is meticulously tested for precision and launched on the app stores for thundering success.

  • Analysis

  • Wireframing

  • UI Design

  • Development

  • Testing

  • Launch

Our Portfolio


The app helps you to find the best deal for partying at leading bars, restaurants and nightclubs. Enjoy yourself with your crew of friends from school, college, workplace, social network or family at some of the top venues with Crewvent. You only need to post your party requirements and get the best offers from our partner hosts. Share it among your friends, crowd it among yourselves and go ahead partying at the venue with the best offer.

Coach Link

The perfect app for all those that wish to get some good instruction on golf even if they are in their office or bedroom! Get the complete details on the golf schools nearby, teachers available and get access to video training sessions. Download the app on your Android and iOS mobiles and get moving with your golf stick as you follow instructions through the app and get set to make the Tee.

Dial a Mini Cab

An app that lets you book a cab to your destination any time of the day or night with reliable drivers behind the wheel. Just download the app on your Android or iOS device and feed in the information about your pick up location and destination. The app will pop up all vehicles available and allow you to select yours. Easy to use even for first-timers, the app makes traveling easier and smoother round-the-clock.

CRM Runner

An app that helps bringing in the complete 360-degree view of your business at your fingertip anyplace and anytime. The features of the app enable operations at multiple location a smooth affair when it comes to assign job tickets, find staff working at different sites, get details of suppliers and contractors. Get real time report from employees on site and multiple reports from different locations for complete evaluation. Check on inventories and coordinate your operations seamless even when away. Sending quotes to your prospective clients has never been easier than this by just selecting designs and customizing fields for clinching deals.


A versatile food delivery app, it paves the perfect way to sit back and enjoy any food, snacks and drinks from the top eating places. The easy-to-use app helps set up and save your location for easy display of all partnering restaurants. Make your pick from the food type that you would love to gorge on and hot deals and offers of the day. Browse through the menu option under every listed restaurant and get the rates and discounts available. Select your favorite dishes, choose the number of plates to be ordered and checkout for a quick delivery. Trace your order till it arrives at your doorstep.

Yoga FYI

An app for both Android and iOS, Yoga FYI gives you access to all that you ever wanted to know about Yoga. Get detailed information about the types of Yoga, the postures and their benefits. Set yourself rolling in action by getting in touch with yoga instructors and join their students’ groups. Interesting interface, cascading menu and easy navigation makes the app instantly usable for people of all ages.


An app for women to help cope with the menstrual cycle better, it can be downloaded on the Android and iOS gadgets. The input of your present month’s date of menstruation will help you get to know the next probable date and also other details. The app also calculates the measure of pain the you’re likely to go through in the next cycle and alert you beforehand. Get the date details about the peak period or the time when you are most likely to conceive and plan accordingly.

Friends Agogo

This is a hot app that is really an advanced social media platform bringing together like-minded people to chat, share and enjoy. The app is compatible with both Android and iOS platforms and allows users to register for free, upload their photos and connect with others even across the globe. The app also allows users to pick users of select age groups and actively engage with them for active interactions.


A robust app compatible with both platforms, Android and iOS, it is meant to encourage users with more and more loyalty points. The app has 3 main sections Lolo Local that lists high-street retails shops and businesses, Lolo Eats that allows you to book restaurants, or takeaways and the Lolo Mall, that are actually brick and mortar stores that allows part payment with Lolo points and the rest with your money. The categories and sub-categories open up easily making shopping and dining pleasurable especially with continually adding Lolo points.

Likely App

Likely has surely added more colors to conventional dating and made it more interesting. Made for both Android and iOS users, you only have to download it to find the most happening pubs, bars and restaurants around your location. Tap on your favorite hangout place and wait for a like minded partner to tap on it too or find them waiting for you. Start chatting with a potential date or even a partner and set up a date if you’re interested. Easy to use yet interesting, Likely is a great connecting platform.

Ozark Programmers

Your search to getting the best freelance programmers end with Ozark Programmers. Download the app on your Android or iOS phone and post your requirements. Upload a project for which you need freelancers and get in touch with the talent pool across the globe. Connect with specialist programmers specific to different platforms and architecture and get the best work output at most competitive rates through Ozark programmers. For those of you that are actively looking for freelance programming work, post your details and earn more freelance work than ever by connecting with hundreds of projects as per your expertise.

Nutrition App

The app is extremely useful in keeping a day-to-day count on your calorie intake and has a great nutrition calculator. Chart out the perfect diet chart for yourself with the app by logging the food and counting their calories being displayed as per your BMI. Nutrition App’s fitness data tracker makes losing weight easier as it keeps a track over your activities and workouts and trace your intake and output journey all through the day. Get motivated to eat and stay healthy with 500+ snacks and food suggested across 15 categories that are handpicked by nutritionists.


If you are looking to connect with professional service providers near you, Cybskills is just the app to download on your Android or iOS phone. The app database stores the information about different service providers like carpenter, computer repairing personnel and many more. So, the next time you are suddenly in need of one such service, no more running around and worrying about where to get help. Cybskills will get you the address and contact information about all such people that are near you. Also, choose the language the language in which you wish to communicate.

Premier Fist

Here’s the app that makes martial arts a lot fun and full of colors too! Compatible with both Android and iOS platforms, the app helps karate and other martial art lovers choose outfits and customize them too. Plenty of options and easy to use, users can click on their favorite heroes and select images and customize the outfits. Attractive interfaces and easy options make the app interesting for all martial arts lovers.


Keep your travel memoirs alive and kicking with the Erthroamer App. Download the app on your Android or iOS phones and upload the best pictures of the places that you’re visiting. Add a personal travel account to the them and bring them alive in the blog section. List the best attractions of the towns and cities you’re visiting and list them down under the same head. The atlas section will help you pin the places appropriately. The app is your perfect gateway to tell the world about your travel stories with your name on them and let others enjoy breathtaking views and details about them.


A university and an app, Athabasca helps you with your doctor booking seamlessly. Android or iOS, you can look up to see the specialists available around you and also in other cities. Book for a consultation online through the app, go for a checkup and keep in touch with the doctor for any emergency. Get access to online pharmacy and fulfil your medical needs with the tap of a finger. No-frills design and easy to use functionalities make the app appropriate for people that need medical help.

Perfect 11

Use your online gaming skills and knowledge of cricket to the fullest with the Perfect 11 app and earn money. Pick your favorite players, make the perfect team as per your calculations and post them. Points are more when captains and vice-captains match too. If your dream cricket team is the same as the playing team, you get points and rewards that keep adding to your wallet. Refer a friend to join in and earn referral commissions once they open their account. Perfect 11 is the perfect way to use your cricketing skills to earn money without making investments.

CC Cricket

An app for all cricket enthusiasts, it offers a great way of earning some quick money while also having fun. Logon to it during the cricketing league season and get involved in the action by making your own perfect dream 11. Earn points and cash rewards as clearly mentioned and claim them at the end of the day. The app also gives you the opportunity to earn by way of commission when you refer it to a friend who then opens an account. Compatible with both platforms, the app is a great way to enjoy the cricketing season.


Compatible with the Android and iOS, the app is meant for professionals that can connect and refer each other. The app has three main categories, Representatives, Doctors and Lawyers. Representatives tap on the listed doctors and refer them who in turn can tap on the listed lawyers and refer one as and when needed. The smoothly functional app helps the seamless connection of these professionals that is most important in critical times.

London Sweet Home

Buying, selling or renting homes through the London Sweet Home app takes the worry and tension of users making their transit easier and happier. The app is fully loaded with features that allows sellers to upload their properties with detailed information for buyers and renters to get access to all information about property. The app also gives you access to a host of home-related services like plumbers, electricians and more. Compatible with both the Android and iOS platforms, the app is easy to use for people of all ages and backgrounds.

Renting Street

An online marketplace brought to you in the form of an app for android and iOS, Renting Street is the way to buy, sell or rent anything from any place and at any time. The app has several categories that list the different heads where users can list their articles with phots and quote prices. Buyers, sellers and renters can connect between themselves directly and carry out transactions in person without paying commissions. There is also the option of posting paid classified ads for better visibility.


An app that allows users to send wishes to whoever they want in a beautiful form of an e-balloon on Android and iOS phones. Users can buy packs of greetings that they wish to send over the year of for lesser period and send messages via text message to those they want to greet. Once the receiver taps on the link, it opens up a lovely e-balloon with the appropriate message. The balloons are available for different occasions like birthday, anniversary and many more.


An Android App, D19 helps facilitating end-to-end non-emergency ambulatory transportation. The app helps fulfilling the transportation needs of the elderly, medically fragile and disabled through easy booking of transportation facilities. Those in need or caregivers can choose the appropriate category of transportation needed and book it through the app. The places where the services are provided are clearly listed in the app making it easy for users to opt for it. The app browsing is easy and takes users to the next level seamlessly making its useful to all.

Hot Meal

An app that works on the Android platform, the app gives you the information about different types of meal and food available in restaurants around you. Apart from the hot deals that restaurants list on the app platform, it also gives you the full view of the regular menus and the prices of the items. The app is helpful in knowing different food variants readily available near you and grab your favorite.


Meant for the Android and iOS platforms, Clientora is the app to go to when looking up the best coupons for great deals in stores around you. Buy the in-app coupons and go to the stores and get the best bargain. Some of the best deals in town are available through the app that partners with premier stores. The user-friendly app is very easy to use and also has a great interface that excites users to buy more coupons.

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We follow the stringent rules on our standard development process to make each project a flawless execution.

  • Project Management: At 1 Web Street, we have a rock-solid project management team that keeps track of each process, budget and schedule of the project.
  • Setting Milestones: We set definitive and achievable milestones by breaking down larger ones that are controlled and kept track of as parts of the whole.
  • Optimal Resources: We have a talent pool that comprises of the best professionals in the industry with skills necessary for a range of projects. Each member of the team is assigned with tasks matching her/his skill sets.
  • System Architecture: Our team of system architects come up with the appropriate system architecture for a project incorporating each requirement meticulously.
  • Coding: Using the agile method, we break down large coding structures into smaller modules that are self-tested, unit-tested and then integrated as a whole.
  • Testing & Validation: Testing forms a crucial part of our standard development process and we consider it as vital as coding itself.
  • Documentation: We ensure proper documentation of all the stages of the project development life cycle, starting from SRS, high level diagrams to low level diagrams, test plans, test reports etc.
  • Support & Maintenance: Our technical support holds a prime position in our development standards and we ensure that our steady support team is at your disposal when needed.
  • Performance Review: 1 Web Street attaches top priority to performance reviews that is carried out by seniors and experts at the end of every deliverable.

We cater to all our clients with total honesty and integrity, whether mobile-tech-savvy or not. A large part of our clients come with non-IT backgrounds with complete faith in us. We have helped each client with their app development from conceiving ideas to implementing and publishing them on the app stores. Each project is placed in the care of a project manager who communicates and interacts with the client on behalf of the team while working on the project. You can freely convey your thoughts and ideas to us for careful and precise implementation.

Web Street belongs to the top line of app development companies that builds apps on both native and cross-platforms. Our team of native app developers are well-versed in the best app development tools and technologies like Objective C, C# and Java. Developers working on cross platforms excel in technologies like JavaScript, HTML, CSS3, PhoneGap, Xamarin, Titanium, Corona SDK and Sencha Touch.

Most importantly, you can share any of your app ideas with our experts and we take the onus of bringing them to life. While providing top notch app creating services, we also maintain high level of confidentiality concerning your idea and other information.

We will help you choose the correct platform for any proposed app depending on factors such as target demography, cost and time to enter the market. Our experts will tell you Android or iOS or both will give you maximum mileage.

We provide pocket-friendly apps to our customers and the cost of each app depends on their features and functionalities. There is no one fit-solution for all customers as we provide personalized services and pricing to each one of our valued clients.

Yes, surely you can. Once you sign up with 1 Web Street for your app development, we will assign a project leader for you. She/he will coordinate the work and also convey your opinions and concerns if any to them. If and when necessary, you can also interact directly with a senior developer working on the project for more clarifications.

At 1 Web Street, we maintain long-term relationships with our customers and extend all possible support needed. You will have to cope with the increasing demand of your app with time and we continue to support you during the journey.

We provide the certainty of maintaining your software to the Android, iOS or any other systems. Our experts shall also add or modify features in your existing app according to your users’ feedback. Our response come immediately without any wait period.

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