1 W E B S T R E E T


Boost your operational efficiency by integrating Internet of Things (IoT) solutions into the system.

Utilize data of all types ensuing from your operations and be part of the Smart Industry or Industry 4.0! Earn rapid returns with this digital transformation that revolves around data exchange between processes and technologies.

It is an age of doing more with less by gaining control over operations in offices and industries. Fully automate office processes, businesses and industrial works with agile IoT solutions. Fuel your decisions, protect your assets and mitigate risks with proactive cutting-edge IoT.

1 Web Street harness the power of IoT solutions with office automations, industrial automation, connecting points of sales and so much more. We help you connect platforms and communication protocols, operations and its analytics to give you disruptive, decision-inspiring and agile solutions.

 Connect your office and factory using IoT sensors and devices, cloud computing, digital twin, additive technologies, edge intelligence and data analytics.

Integrating data emerging out of your organization and assimilating them with edge devices, cloud and fog computing and with IoT protocols is the way to do successful business today. Our IoT experts build platforms to support standard protocols and data for real-time decisions to enhance operations.

We build agile platforms to support a range of IoT integrations and those that integrate with data sources such as legacy systems and cloud sources. Our aim is to help you connect faster, aggregate and transforms data to real time IoT outcomes. Protocols we use include HTTP, REST, AmQP, Rabbit MQ, SOAP, MQTT  and Binary producers.

Use Cases

With a variety of touch-screen biometric attendance having become obsolete, companies are now moving to incorporate safe, no-touch, fool-proof attendance systems.

An enhanced IoT solution works as a potent Covid-19 fighter in office, service, manufacturing and industrial environments. It drives real-time data with digital tools and to control and improve employee safety.

The solution integrates with edge-devices like thermal gun, camera, timer and display screen to display and store inputs and real input of human presence. When the employee enters a designated attendance spot, the thermal gun checks temperature that is recorded by the algorithm, the camera that is integrated with a timer identifies the employee matching it with the database and records the time of entry. The gates open automatically when the temperature is within the designated levels and shut behind the employee. Attendance is recorded securely in the database with a complete no-touch process.