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Strategic Web Design using Advanced AI Technology and Integrated Solutions!

Reach your digital business goals and deliver success stories with websites having cutting edge AI-based web design and development.

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About Us
About Us

About Us

1 Web Street is a frontline web design and development Company offering full spectrum customized digital solutions for all purposes.

We have a team of innovative and seasoned designers who deliver website designs that perfectly leverage the 10 seconds attention span of potential customers. Our decade long expertise in the niche has carved a special place for us in the industry.

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We have on offer a wide range of web design and development packages to complement specific business operations.


Web Development

We optimize digital businesses with full-feature & high-speed enterprise-level websites & e-commerce business sites.


Our experts leverage ICT and AI technology employing Blockchain and Machine Learning algorithms creating disruptive digital platforms.


We offer Enterprise Mobile App development to streamline workflow and enhance productivity. Our finesse in Mobile App Marketing increases awareness, conversion & retention.

Growth Solutions

We fuel digital business growth with strategic Local SEO, e-Commerce SEO and Social Media optimization across platforms.

Enterprise & E-commerce Web Development

Websites with full functionality, stunning layouts and perfect colour combinations, make your digital business more inviting to potential customers.


What is Enterprise Website Development?

Enterprise Website Development is meant for mid-sized and large operations with an in built Enterprise Content Management system for streamlining operations.

What are the major types of Enterprise Applications/Software?

There are 4 types of enterprise applications meant for supply chain management, customer relationship management, enterprise systems and knowledge management systems.

What is an e-Commerce Website?

These are online stores where customers can buy products from you directly by searching categories and making secure online payments.

Types of e-Commerce stores?

E-commerce can be B2B (Business to Business), B2C (Business to Customers), B2B2C Business to Business to Consumers and B2G (Business to Government).

Technology (AI, Blockchain, Machine Learning, ICT)

Startups to Enterprises, brands are using AI-based solutions like Chatbots to up their response and build 24x7 communication channels for customers.


What is AI used in today?

AI is extensively used in developing chatbots, virtual assistants, secure and transparent transactions using Blockchain technology.

How does Blockchain work?

Using Blockchain in websites and applications helps decentralise data with more security as they cannot be deleted and is available to everyone.

What is Machine Learning used for?

Machine Learning is used to create applications where data is patterns are identified to make smarter decisions with least human intervention.

What is ICT used for?

Information & Communication Technology uses networking components, systems and applications to enable organizations to interact in the digital world.

Mobile (Enterprise Mobile App, Mobile App Marketing)

We help corporate and large organizations transform their websites by giving them the right responsive mobility for enhancing business.


What is Enterprise Mobile App?

These are complex mobile applications meant for large organizations that help them interact among employees and with customers through handheld devices.

Which are the platforms used for Enterprise Mobile Apps?

Enterprise Mobile Apps are based on iOS, Android, Cross-platform or Could Technology as per specific business needs.

What is mobile app marketing?

It is a complex process that enables users to engage with your app from the time they download it to staying engaged with it.

How do I drive traffic to my mobile app?

Promoting mobile apps requires specialized Digital Marketing skills in the niche. Experienced marketers promote the app in ways to reach maximum customers.

Growth Solutions (Local SEO, e-Commerce SEO, Social Media)

Full-spectrum Digital Marketing on offer to enable your business to reach out to potential customer groups seamlessly for higher returns.


What is local SEO marketing?

It is a way of Digital Marketing where businesses can promote themselves to local online customers in any geographical area.

Why is local SEO important?

Local SEO helps you gain potential local customers who are continually searching for businesses like yours and doing business with your competitors.

Why is e-Commerce SEO important?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO of your online store will help it reach the top rankings in Google so that potential customers can reach it before reaching similar business.

What is social media used for?

Social Media are platforms for sharing thoughts and ideas by individuals and businesses forming virtual communities where consumers learn more about businesses.