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Colours have always caught human imaginations and have become subjects of scientific and psychological studies over the ages. Knowing about the best background colors for websites will help you get more leads and earn hardcore profits.

Colors in websites have proven to dramatically raise the sales graph and marketers have always performed A/B testing on colors that convert the best.

See how the primary color red is used by leading brands to play on the impulsive emotional side that humans have. Bold and prominent, the color strikes a bold chord and brings out the most passionate side of humans.

brand logos in red

We provide you with a list of colors, the corresponding emotions that they evoke, different industry verticals and the way they are used on their websites.

best background colors for websites Infographic

Armed with the knowledge of the basic colors and the effects they wield on human minds, you can now effectively plan your website and marketing campaigns. It is the key to tap on the right aspect of your clients’ psychology and make quick business conversions!


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