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Android Apps Have More Outreach

Affordability makes things common, and Android makes a point here. The platform is most widely used by phone and computer manufacturers, giving it a clear edge over others. With the largest chunk of the population using it, Android Apps are naturally going to be in their instruments before any other.

1 Web Street has a team of factory-trained Android App developers in Kolkata that helps to build amazing apps, and is also well-established as the best digital marketing agency India. Our apps look good on all devices and perform as per your users’ expectations. We know exactly how to concretize your ideas through apps that give wonderful user experiences.

Let us know your thoughts, and we take them to your users as innovative Android Apps!!!

Our approach to app development is logical and business-oriented. Depending on your business type and customer use, we suggest developing a hybrid android app or native android app.

Hybrid Apps are Scripted Once and Run Anywhere. These can run on a number of platforms with the same backend codes. These apps are best when you wish to start with a simple app on a small scale for your existing products. They are ideal for Minimum Viable Products or MVP. They are built using HTML, JavaScript and CSS.

Native Apps are coded for native platforms, as the name suggests. The language used for these apps is those that the platforms accept. For Android Apps, the language used is Java, while for iOS; it is Objective C or Swift. These apps are fast and reliable, and apt to cater to the specifications of User Experiences as they have access to the system hardware.

Android Apps by The Veterans of The Trade!!!

1 Web Street is world-renowned as the best SEO agency in India, and also we’ve esteemed android application developer in Kolkata have a fine understanding of Android architecture and its ecosystem. We built best-in-class Android Apps for the entire range of gadgets including Android TV. Our solutions are sure to give customers the options that they are looking for while your business makes the most of their interest.