Now that the New Year has started, you’ll surely want to start it right and if possible, with a bang. If you had a poor sex life last year, now’s the time for you to redeem yourself and give your performance and your manhood a great boost.

If there is one thing that men are embarrassed about, it’s usually something that’s related to their virility. Whether it comes to how good they perform in bed, their penis size, or how long they can hold their erections, the topic of virility is very sensitive and embarrassing for a lot of guys, especially those who feel that they have issues in this area.

Thankfully, there are top male enhancement products in the market that have been produced to help them out. Unfortunately, it can be hard to pick which of the products is the best one out there, given the sheer number of supplements that are available today.

With this in mind, you need to know the top 9 male enhancement products 2020 has to offer so that you’ll never run out of options in improving your sexual performance.

This article will walk you through the top 3 Male Enhancement Pills, top 3 Male Enhancement Oils, and Best Semen Enhancers.

Top 3 Best Male Enhancement Pills in 2020

Our rank of male pills is mainly based on the ingredients. The following 3 products have proven formulas and use only the highest quality ingredients.

Rated #1 – Viasil

Rated 1 - Viasil - best 2020

Viasil contains specially formulated ingredients that promote mind-blowing orgasms. This product is composed of a dual combination system that enables you to achieve rock hard erections to keep your partner satisfied in bed. This male enhancement product has a unique and potent formula to help you obtain harder, thicker and bigger erections. This product can also help you achieve more intense and longer-lasting erections that you and your partner can both enjoy together.

This product is suitable for those men who perform poorly in bed. Viasil is also best for men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction. Viasil is packed with high quality and all-natural ingredients that are proven to provide the best results. This product is also giving you a 60-day money-back guarantee. This male enhancement pill should be taken daily (850mg per serving).

One of the greatest benefits you can get from this product is the fact that it can help you achieve ejaculation of up to 5 times more. With Viasil, you can ejaculate with more power to keep your partner long for more.

What Makes Viasil Effective?

This is probably one of the questions you have in mind. Viasil contains natural and safe ingredients. One of them is Zinc. According to scientific studies, zinc can improve sperm production and raise the levels of testosterone in the body. Aside from zinc, Viasil also contains Horny goat weed, Citrus Sinensis, Ginkgo Biloba, Tribulus Terrestris, Panax Ginseng, and Pomegranate. With these ingredients, it is not surprising to know why Viasil is a highly effective and safe male enhancement product.

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Rated #2 – Male Extra

Rated 2 - Male Extra - best 2020

MaleExtra enhancement pills can surely help you give the best sexual performance ever. Packed with powerful and proven ingredients, this male enhancement pill has the most powerful and effective male enhancement formula available in the market today. Male enhancement pills can super-charge any man’s sex life, increase your sex drive, and let you enjoy all night staying power.

One of the best things about MaleExtra is the fact that it is safe and specially formulated in order to help you gain extra confidence and stamina. With this enhancement pill, you can please your partner with bigger and harder erections.

Another fact you should know about MaleExtra is its ability to fight against erectile dysfunction. For the information of everyone, erectile dysfunction is a particular condition in which a person has the inability to reach or sustain an erection. Unfortunately, this condition is a primary cause of low self-esteem among men. But with the help of MaleExtra, you can surely fight this condition.

The Powerful Ingredients of MaleExtra

MaleExtra contains 500 mg of Pomegranate (pure) 40 percent ellagic and Niacin. According to scientific studies, these ingredients are very powerful in increasing erection hardness, boosting a man’s sex drive, increasing stamina, and helping with erection problems. Indeed, MaleExtra promotes an easy, safe, and effective formula for penis health. Three pills of Male Extra must be taken every day and after that, you can enjoy the benefits that MaleExtra can give you.

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Rated #3 – VigRX Plus

Rated 3 - VigRX Plus - best 2020

VigRx Plus is known as a dual system that is scientifically proven and specially formulated that is composed of two superbly effective parts in order to come up with the best male sexual health solution. It is a two-part system because one part must be taken daily while the other part should be taken hours before having sex with your partner. This system is incredibly great with no equipment, no exercises, and no effort needed. For total peace of mind and confidence in bed, you must take 3 to 6 capsules every day.

The Benefits of VigRx Plus

More and more men are enjoying the benefits of VigRx Plus Daily Maintenance. This particular male enhancement product helps you achieve a fuller, harder, and stronger erections. With this, you can enjoy a more pleasurable and longer lovemaking with your partner. With VigRx Plus, you won’t have to worry about getting soft or finishing too early. Another benefit you can get from this male enhancement product is an increased sex drive.

By taking this product, you will surely achieve an increased sex drive and improved sexual performance. VigRx Plus has been proven to increase the flow of blood which means longer-lasting orgasms and more intense lovemaking. Moreover, this product also supports sexual health. In other words, you obtain improved sexual function, libido, and general sexual satisfaction.

And the best thing about this product is the fact that it can solve problems related to erectile dysfunction. We all know that this particular condition is not a laughing matter. It can lead to lower self-esteem and even relationship problems. But with VigRx Plus, every man must not worry anymore.

VigRx Plus is a proven all-natural enhancement product that is validated by various research and clinical studies. This product contains nitric oxide which has been proven to promote hard and long-lasting erections.

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Top 3 Best Male Enhancement Oils in 2020

Our penis cream and oil rank are based primarily on the effectiveness of the ingredients and the speed of the results. The following 3 products have been tested and approved by many customers, including even porn stars.

Rated #1 – VigRX Oil

Rated 1 - VigRX OIL - best 2020

The first on the list of top 3 male enhancement oils is a product known as the VigRX Oil. True to its name, this male enhancement oil promises to give you an erection in as fast as 40 seconds. It works transdermally meaning, once you apply it on your penis, your skin can absorb the active ingredients easily so that you can perform well and provide sexual satisfaction for your partner. Among the guaranteed benefits that VigRX Oil brings include:

Bigger erections

VigRX Oil will not be in the top 3 male enhancement oils if it cannot guarantee you with rock hard erections that you could ever imagine. And not only will it be harder but it will also be thicker and longer too.

Longer performance

With VigRX Oil, you are sure to perform better as your penis is guaranteed to stay up longer. Naturally, longer erection means longer lovemaking sessions and so, you and your partner are sure to have lingering sexual pleasures.

More intense orgasms

Perhaps one of the reasons why VigRX Oil is included in the list is because it has the ability to increase your libido and get you aroused fast and easy. With the simple rubbing of the formula on your penis, you are sure to experience the effects in an instant thus, making you more confident in bed as you know that you will be able to pleasure your partner for a long period of time.

What makes VigRX Oil great is that its effects are fast and it is safe for use. Because it is applied topically, you can be sure that it will not bring any harmful side effects to your body. At the same time, VigRX Oil is made from all natural ingredients like ascorbic acid for fast recovery and arousal, pomegranate extract for harder erections, Korean red ginseng for increased sexual stamina, and ginkgo Biloba for better blood circulation.

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Rated #2 – Instant Performer Oil

Rated 1 - Instant Performer Oil - best 2020

Another of the top 3 oils is Instant Performer. Unlike any other male enhancement pills, this product is guaranteed to be safer as it is applied only topically on the penis. What it guarantees is full sexual satisfaction not only on your part but most especially for your woman as well. Using Instant Performer will surely improve your sexual performance and will give the most pleasurable orgasm you can ever imagine.

So, you know that Instant Performer can bring you longer lasting erections and heightened sexual arousal and stamina but what makes it really effective? Well, the one thing that this male enhancement oil can bring is to improve the blood circulation on your penis. Once you rub the oil, it will be immediately absorbed by the skin and transport it down to the genital tissues. As a result, you will experience heightened orgasms, strong erections, and increased sexual energy so that you can perform longer and better.

Instant Performer is likewise made from natural ingredients which are another factor why it should be included in the top 3 male enhancement oils in 2020. It has undergone years of clinical studies just to prove its effectiveness and safety. What it contains are extracts from natural ingredients like epimedium leaves which is well known for its ability to increase sexual appetite, Cuscuta seed to eliminate virility, Ginkgo Biloba for improved blood circulation, and Catuaba bark which works as a natural aphrodisiac.

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Rated #3 – ProSolution Gel

Rated #3 – ProSolution Gel

If you want to increase your confidence and make sure that no matter the circumstances you will be able to perform well in bed, then ProSolution Gel is indeed the product for you. As one of the top 3 male enhancement oil, this great product is sure to provide you with a complement male enhancing experience that you need. You are not only guaranteed with fast erections but at the same time, you can be sure that the erections will last for a long time. You will notice the great difference in the quality of your erection so that you can enjoy your sexual escapades more.

ProSolution Gel is made from all natural ingredients which make it guaranteed safe for use. It has extracts from Camellia Sinensis, citric acid, sunflower seed oil, and rosemary leaf, all of which are proven to be effective in curing erectile dysfunction and stimulating sexual libido effectively. At the same time, ProSolution Gel is created fragrantly so that it can be a part of your foreplay too.

ProSolution Gel is sure to provide the most sensational erotic effects that will benefit you and your woman while making love. Before the product was released to the market, it underwent a series of research and studies just so to prove its efficiency as a male enhancement product. And what they discovered is amazing. They were able to determine and isolate the nerves and glands that are responsible for the erection of the penis. And so, manufacturers were able to develop a formula that contains ingredients that appeal to those stimulating nerves and glands so that you can have a quality erection every time.

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Top 3 Best Semen Enhancers (Volume Pills) in 2020

Our rank of semen enhancers and volume pills is based primarily on ingredient efficacy and scientific evidence. The following 3 products have ingredients with scientific evidence.

Rated #1 – Semenax

Rated #1 – Semenax

Bigger amounts of semen mean bigger orgasms. This is because the male sexual organ needs to work more and contract harder, which translates into a longer and more intense orgasm. If you want to increase your semen volume and take your orgasm to the next level, try Semenax, an all-natural capsule that will increase your ejaculation volume and your sexual satisfaction.

Semenax is made up of natural ingredients. It has the amino acids L-Lysine (increases sperm count and testosterone) and L-Carnitine (found in healthy sperm), and vitamin E, which promotes better erectile functions.

Semenax also has a wide array of herbs like the Swedish flower pollen, which enhances a man’s virility, and the Catuaba bark, a Brazillian herb that improves a man’s libido. It is also rich in sarsaparilla, an herb that helps treat infertility and impotence.

Unlike Viagra, a pharmaceutical drug, Semenax is all-natural. Viagra helps a man have a harder erection, but it does not help increase the volume of semen. Because it is a synthetic drug, taking too much Viagra can have adverse side effects. On the other hand, taking one capsule of Semenax every day is perfectly all right, since it is made of natural ingredients.

Satisfied users attest to feeling great during sex, having a huge increase in the volume of semen, and satisfying their girlfriends, all thanks to Semenax. One man even testified to having a harder erection, and another commented that his penis’s veins became more noticeable after regular Semenax intake. Another claimed to have tried other products to no results but immediately felt the difference after taking Semenax for just three days.

Completely natural with no side effects, Semenax is the perfect way to increase your semen volume, experience more intense orgasms, and improve your sex life. Try it for seven days and immediately feel the results.

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Rated #2 – Volume Pills

Rated 2 - Volume Pills - best 2020

If a person wants to please his partner and also have his own share of huge orgasm then he must be able to give out big loads of semen. When there is a huge amount of semen coming out when ejaculation occurs, there is also a prolonged orgasm. This is what porn stars use to create special effects during the cum shot portion.

This volume pills supplement also gives the person a rock hard erection making it fun for both the male and the partner. When the person uses volume pills and he has an erection, then the penis will become longer, thicker and harder. This supplement also increases the sexual drive so the person will be sure to perform well. The volume pills supplement can make 500% more semen come out during ejaculation creating a more sensational and earth-shattering orgasm. This can also strengthen the male stamina making the partners beg for more.

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Rated #3 – Max Performer

Rated #3 – Max Performer

Max Performer is a great male performance product that is becoming highly popular. Natural Health Science is the manufacturer of this product. Max Performer is known to boost sperm volume during ejaculation. Max Performer can be purchased for a price of $69 a month and come with a 60-day money back guarantee. You can also avail discounts on purchasing more than one bottle.

One of the major advantages of Max Performer which sets it apart from other similar products in the market is that it is a rare combination of traditional healing ingredients and modern technology. Some of the natural ingredients contained in this product are Solidin, Hong Hua Fen, Ku Gua, and Dong Chong Xia Cao. All these ingredients help to enhance your sex life and overall well being.

Max Performer is a great product but you have to be consistent with its use as it may take up to 2 months to get the desired results. Many people have tested this product and have reported back great results in the form of testimonials. It is one of the best products known to enhance sexual performance in men by increasing sperm volume during ejaculation. The best part is that its an all natural product so it has no side effects and enhances your overall well being along with improved sex life. You should buy this product to get benefited from natural ingredients, increased sexual stamina, and better sexual desire.

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The Best Store to Buy Male Enhancement Products

This online store is one of the most complete in the market. It offers a variety of male sexual health products including anti-aging products and more. We chose this company for its quality support, pricing, money back guarantee and safety.

Rated #1 – Natural Health Source

The Best Store 2020

Of all medical conditions affecting men, sexual impotence, perhaps, is one of the most misunderstood. This, according to sexual health studies conducted recently, maybe due to two major factors, namely sexual ignorance and unawareness. Sexual ignorance means that most men still believe that impotence is still chiefly a psychological thing and unawareness is rooted upon myths and false notions with regard to matters pertaining to sex. In truth, the causes of male impotence or, in scientific terms, erectile dysfunction is not as simple as what most people think. There are various factors that may trigger symptoms of this sexual disorder.

Facts About Male Sexual Impotence

Sexual male impotence continues to be one of the most common disorders affecting most men. As statistics show, approximately 20% of the global male population suffers from sexual impotence. A great majority of men who are afflicted with sexual disorders fall under the 40-year old age bracket. However, there are younger men who already feel the disturbing fangs of the disorder even at an early age. The myths surrounding sexual male impotence cloud the thoughts of those who are suffering from the disorder and prevent them from seeing clearly. In effect, they resort to a hodgepodge of remedies at random without establishing the real cause of their affliction first. This, as reports about the dangers of bogus male enhancement products, proves, may lead to perilous consequences that can further aggravate one’s sexual health instead of improving it.

Physiological Approach to Sexual Impotence

The impressive progress in andrological research over the past few years, however, is slowly blowing off the cloud of myths that hovers above the issue. Solid research and studies prove that 80-90% of chronic sexual impotence cases on men are physiological as opposed to psychological. The proliferation of various pharmaceutics follows the physiological approach to treat male impotence and improve men’s sexual health. Aside from male enhancement drugs, there are other methods that can help rehabilitate ones declining sexual health. From penis enlargement device to exercise routine ads, the Internet is now flooded with information that promises people effective means to treat many types of sexual disorders.

Problematic Synthetic-Based Drugs

However, not all means result in satisfactory results. As mentioned earlier in the article, there are drugs and even methods that do not actually work. Or if they work at all, these means are most likely to cause adverse effects on the body. Some synthetic-based male enhancement pills, for instance, reportedly cause harmful long-term side effects which can further undermine ones failing sexual health. This is usually the problem with synthetic-based drugs. Since these drugs rely heavily on artificial substances, they tend to disrupt the body’s natural balance. However, not all sexual performance enhancers are synthetic-based. There are sexual health supplements that are based on organic or pure natural sources. Herbal male enhancers are prime examples of these.

Historical Legacy of Herbalism

Basically, herbal supplements non-food and non-pharmaceutical substances that are intended to improve people’s health. Throughout history, various pre-industrial cultures used and recognized the potency of herbal medicines to cure diseases and promote good health. The dawn of the Modern Age, however, almost obscured the effectiveness of most herbs to treat many physical and even psychological disorders. During the past few years, however, a wide herbal revival is being experienced by many Western countries including the United States. Due to the fear of the side effects caused by synthetic drugs, a lot of people are now resorting to the use of herbal supplements. In many Asian countries, though, particularly China and Japan, the use of herbal medicines is the norm.

The Best Natural Sexual Health Supplements

The influence of this herbal revival tendency inspired a lot of scientific researchers to develop effective yet non-synthetic medicines to treat various disorders and that includes sexual impotence on men. Today, men’s waning sex drive can be treated more effectively sans the need to go under the scalpel or take risky drugs. There are even male enhancement supplements that go beyond simple sex drive improvement. Most organic-based male enhancement drugs nowadays do not only improve sexual performance but also one’s overall sexual health. GenF20 Plus, for example, fights aging as well as boosts the body’s capability to produce youth hormones as well. Sexual health supplements like this particular product specially formulated with the help of the HGH Releasing System. This system is a natural way of boosting the body’s hormone so you can have a harder and longer erection as well as a more powerful and consistent performance during sexual intercourse.

Rev-Up Your Sexual Health and More

Regardless of age, these organic-based sexual performance enhancers can really bring out the best in one’s sexual performance minus the dangerous long-term health risks. In short, these natural sexual health supplements stimulate the body’s natural capability to perform. GenF20 Plus as well as other male enhancement supplements today stimulates better blood circulation on the penis area for longer-lasting erection and improved sexual performance. These male enhancement supplements only use the best ingredients culled directly from nature so you can make sure that your body gets only what it needs. Compared to synthetic-based drugs, natural sexual health enhancers will not, in any way, produce adverse side effects even during long term use. Apart from improving your sexual health, these supplements also bring other good effects on the body such as better disease resistance, sharper mental capacity, and that youthful glow that most people will only dream of having.


For many years, sexual impotence, particularly among men, has been treated with neglect. This approach proved to be detrimental for guys who wish to find effective means to solve his sexual problems. Today, the advancements in medical science combined with traditional yet proven approach on sexual health, however, change the way men look at male impotence. No longer a taboo topic, sexual impotence is now treated more like a typical physical disorder that must be given proper attention to eliminating. The development of herbal products and supplements for men’s sexual health is a welcome relief for guys who badly needs a safer and more effective approach to solve their sexual health problems.

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